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Help create growth.  We are looking for individuals and organizations to support our growth in a multitude of ways. 

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Board Members Needed

BehaviorLytics is seeking board members to help grow the organization while remaining focused on its mission, values, and vision.  Board members with backgrounds skill sets in grant writing, law, accounting, networking, and researching are currently needed. 

Supervisor Network

Part of BehaviorLytics vision is to have a network of contracted supervisors and mentors who provide quality and structure fieldwork supervision to apprenticeship recipients. 

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The Social Change Agency Alliance

The Social Change Agency Alliance is a group of organizations who are dedicated and invest in the dissemination, diversification, and expansion of the behavior analytic field. These allied organizations have donated dollars to BehaviorLytics who then funnels the donations into grants and scholarships in applied behavior analysis. 

Members of the alliance have a choice where their tax deductible contributions go. We are 501c3 organization and all donations are tax deductible.  BehaviorLytics currently has 2 funds: 

Social Change Agent Fund:

Dollars in this fund provide support to students and researchers who are applying the science of behavior analysis to social justice and welfare issues. 

The Perspective Fund:

Organizations can proved sponsorship of fieldwork supervision to BCBA trainees seeking their board certification. 


BehaviorLytics graciously accepts donations in any amount.  To help support the dissemination, diversification, and expansion of the field. 

Please consider donating. 

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BehaviorLytics is a grassroots organization. We currently rely on volunteers to support the growth of our organization.  If you have the ability to help with social media, reviewing documents, networking, or other needed supports, we graciously accept your help.  Please contact us.

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