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White Pathway

ABAI Boston 2022

Panel Discusssion

Behavior Analysts and Public Advocacy: Lessons Learned,
Pathways Forward

Join Behaviorlytics founder Holli Henningsen-Jerdes at ABAI this year in a panel discussion.  

Holli will be talking about the ethical imperative to disseminate our science to make positive impacts in social justice areas. 

We are raising funds for our dissemination scholarships

Get Your Badge!

A $30 tax deductible donation gets you a T shirt with the BehaviorLytics emblem.  Moneys raised will go towards our Dissemination Scholarship.  This fund supports students and researchers to disseminate their work out into the world. 

Inaugural Recipient of our Disseminate Scholarship

Tiffany Hamilton

Tiffany has been chosen to fund the dissemination of her research on increasing student engagement in online university classes.  Tiffany and her colleagues used ACT prosocial to measure increases in equity in online classes.  

A big congrats to Tiffany for conducting this important work and bringing the research to a wider audience. 

Fall Foliage

Fall Openings

Openings for supervisees

There is currently availability for BCBA students seeking a fieldwork supervisor. 

Are you a new BCBA seeking mentorship.  We have availability this fall to support your practice. 



Dr. Nissa Van Etten 

Check out one of our board of directors, Nissa on the following podcast.

Hot topics in Behavior Analysis

A discussion about the rapid increase of BCBAs, diversity in the field, and BCBA as parents. 

Aired 3, 24,2022

Image by Dillon Shook
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